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What is Short-cycling and Why It’s Not Good for Your AC?

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Troubled homeowners who have been looking for a reliable, professional service provider that can take care of their failing household AC units will never have to worry anymore as West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide array of air conditioning services that are all designed to eliminate both minor and major malfunctions and damages in your home cooling equipment. So if you ever stumble upon issues while using your ac at home, do not hesitate to give us a call, and we will try our best to be of great help in every way possible.

Did you ever question the cause of your air conditioner’s intermittent on/off the operation? To keep your home’s temperature at a certain level, your air conditioner cycles through various settings. When your air conditioner cycles, it works to bring the room’s temperature to the appropriate level. Once it does, it will turn off until the cycle restarts.

Most air conditioning units run through three cooling cycles each hour, each lasting roughly ten minutes, on a reasonably hot day. This implies that the compressors will run for 10 minutes, halt for 10, and then repeat the cycle twice in a single hour.

But rather than being ignored, short cycling has to be fixed. Otherwise, you risk replacing your air conditioner before it needs to and losing a lot of energy and money in the interim.

The major issue with short cycles is that they put more strain on your air conditioner. Yes, short cycling signs a problem, such as a refrigerant leak. However, short cycling damage to your cooling system is the main issue. It reduces the system’s useful lifespan, necessitates more repairs, wastes more energy, and makes homes less comfortable. Also:

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  • Your device frequently turns on and off due to short cycling. This wastes energy and puts much strain on the machine’s mechanical components. This results in more frequent and pricey repair expenses and a significant increase in energy costs.
  • Over cycling prevents the system from taking a break. The compressor keeps turning on and off since the home isn’t getting colder. As a result, your electric bill increases.
  • All of this wear and tear will shorten the lifespan of the entire system. So, you would need to replace it sooner than the anticipated 15 to 20 years of use. And that is costly.

Check the filter if you think your air conditioner is short-cycling. It might be blocked. Don’t hesitate to call West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning if you’re unclear whether your air conditioner may be experiencing a mechanical issue so that you can receive the best assistance possible to get it back in working order. We can identify the issue and provide cost-efficient fixes.

3 Common Causes of AC Short Cycling and How To Fix It

West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning offer a wide range of air conditioning services that are all intended to relieve both minor and serious errors and damages in your household cooling systems, so worried homeowners who have been searching for a trustworthy, competent, and highly qualified service provider to keep hold of their failing household AC units won’t have to worry anymore. Therefore, contact us if you ever experience problems using your aircon at home. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

Like your automobile consumes the most gas when you turn the key, your air conditioner starts up, and the compressor uses the most energy. This additional energy use isn’t significant under typical circumstances. With a short cycling system, the compressor is continually starting up, requiring more energy from the AC unit and resulting in less consistent cooling.

However, there are many more issues as well. The AC compressor, an essential but extremely expensive replacement component, is put under additional stress by all the starting and stopping. Replacing the complete system rather than just the compressor makes greater economical sense for most air conditioners that are over a few years old. Your primary priority should be protecting the compressor from this unneeded wear and tear, which is why you must address short cycling issues immediately.

Below are the following reasons that commonly escalate to short cycling of your air conditioning equipment and how to solve them:

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  • Lack of sufficient amount of refrigerant

Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool down your house. Pressure and enough refrigerant are necessary for the refrigeration cycle. Your air conditioner doesn’t require “new” refrigerant in normal circumstances because it already exists in a closed loop and doesn’t require replacement or topping off. However, the air conditioner will have trouble performing normally if there is a refrigerant leak. It will start a short cycle as it tries to fulfill your home’s temperature needs.

Please call our staff if you find your air conditioner is short-cycling so we can send one of our knowledgeable, amiable technicians to your house. We’ll need to analyze your air conditioner thoroughly to pinpoint the issue and identify the most effective course of action for resolving it. Short cycling may result from various failures besides refrigerant depletion, including issues with the compressor, power source, or thermostat.

  • Wrong size of air conditioner unit

If the air conditioner is too big, it will start to operate and cool your house. It can’t continue moving forward without going over the temperature while moving at its normal speed. It then turns off by itself. Your home’s thermostat restarts the mechanism as the temperature starts to increase once more. The AC turns quickly on and off while doing this, which keeps happening repeatedly. The compressor in your system and your comfort and energy efficiency will all suffer from this classic case of AC short cycling.

On the other hand, a too-small air conditioner will also have problems. It will start up, run, and work hard to meet its demands. It will run continuously, consuming more electricity while barely chilling your house. The system is under much stress due to such continuous, nonstop functioning.

Sadly, the answer can entail replacing the incorrectly sized air conditioner with one that is the proper size if it was put in your home by another AC contractor. Give us a call to get started, and we’ll tell you what to do to stop short-cycling with your current system and advise you on your next steps.

  • Dirty air filter

If you don’t frequently change your home’s air filters, accumulation may make your air conditioner work harder than it has to. Your air conditioner must work harder to compensate for the lost circulation when your air filter is too clogged with debris, dust, and other tiny particles. The components that run the blower and compressor are under excessive stress. These components may overheat, causing your air conditioner to run less frequently or even possibly break down and need expensive repairs.

The only way to resolve such a problem is by replacing your air filters regularly and don’t wait for dust and dirt to accumulate. If the air filter is reusable, then clean it regularly to avoid the build-up of any forms of the potential cause of blockage in the system.

In making our home cozy and comfortable, air conditioners are crucial. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us if you have any issues with it in the future. We’ll make sure to assist you as soon as possible.