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To some extent, most homes have heating and a furnace. The furnace is the principal source of central heat, blowing hot air into every room and pushing the cold out, while heaters provide hot water for morning wake-up showers and scrub cookware clean. They operate on distinct processes yet rely on one another to supply the conveniences we’ve grown to expect. Contact West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning for the best heating and furnace services. We have trained and dedicated professionals on staff who can provide you with the best long-term solution for enjoying your HVAC without any hassles or difficulties with your heating and furnace systems.

The Difference Between HVAC Tune-Up And Preventative Maintenance

As colder weather approaches, your HVAC system must be ready to keep your house comfortable throughout the long cold days ahead. Heating maintenance services and heating tune-up are critical in keeping your HVAC system functioning smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance

You can do several things as a homeowner to safeguard and extend the life of your HVAC system. All of these actions are classified as preventative maintenance. The majority of these duties should be completed every few months. Preventative maintenance duties include the following:

  • Examining the thermostat and looking for oil leaks
  • Examining for odd sensations or noises
  • Checking operation pressures and inspecting the compressor
  • Examining all wiring, electrical components, and connections
  • Safety control testing and inspection


A licensed HVAC specialist is required for a seasonal tune-up. It is the most significant distinction between a tune-up and preventative maintenance. Here’s a brief rundown of what your HVAC technician will perform with your system during a tune-up.

  • Connections, relays, wires, and capacitors must all be inspected.
  • Check that the condensate drain is clean and flowing freely.
  • Examining the evaporator coil for cleanliness
  • If required, clean the condenser.
  • lubricating condenser fan motors and inspecting blade condition
  • During starting, check the compressor amperage.

When it comes to seasonal tune-ups, they should be done twice a year. Your AC system needs a tune-up in the early spring. You’ll also require a heating tune-up in the late fall. You should perform preventive maintenance at least once a month; it ensures that any problems that arise are detected. It allows your local heating and conditioning technician to repair them before they worsen.

Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important

Furnace maintenance ensures that your HVAC system operates as effectively as possible. Heating systems are often trouble-free and simple to keep up with. Efficient operation is a result of frequent maintenance. You can do various things to keep your heating system in good working order, regardless of the type of furnace, by looking for the furnace tune up near me; here are some reasons why furnace maintenance is important.

  • Preserve Efficiency: Some furnace parts wear out quicker than others, especially when used often, as we do in our frigid winters.
  • Save money: When your furnace is operating at maximum efficiency, it does not have to work as hard to provide the same quantity of heat. You save money by being efficient. Furthermore, investing in regular maintenance lowers the chance of costly repair or replacement expenditures in the future.
  • Reduced Failure Risk- While there are no certainties in life, having a professional inspect your unit once a year means they can catch worn-out parts and replace them.
  • Increase the Unit’s Life- Purchasing a new furnace unit is an investment, and you want it to survive as long as possible. Regular expert maintenance increases the life of your heating equipment, allowing you to get more value out of your furnace purchase.

Why Choose West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning For Your Heating & Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up?

For all your heating and furnace maintenance and tune-up, don’t hesitate to call West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning as soon as possible. Choose our professionals for several reasons, and we’d like to emphasize a few:

  • We ensure that our professionals have finished several training courses to suit the firm’s needs. Consequently, we have the necessary knowledge to execute the necessary tune-up or maintenance.
  • We don’t do things half-heartedly; we aim to provide long-term solutions for your heating and furnace maintenance and tune-up.
  • We’d be happy to help you because we have access to the components and tools needed to do the maintenance and tune-up.

So, what do you have to lose? The time has come to call West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning.

At West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning, we can provide you with everything you’ll need, from heating furnace tune-ups to quick heating and furnace maintenance. All you have to do is contact us and request a quote; rest assured, our skilled experts will be there right away to assist you.

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