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HVAC units all have something in common: the technical components to support their functionality. They might vary in some areas, but they are all similar in nature. Nevertheless, every HVAC unit across various brands has unique ways of functioning, depending on how they are programmed. This makes installations, maintenance, and especially repairs all the more crucially emphasized to cater to each unit.

West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to bringing you all HVAC consumers in La Habra the dependable and satisfying HVAC thermostat service they need and deserve. Allow our easily accessible HVAC technicians to take on the duty and relieve your pressure dealing with faulty HVAC thermostats. Over the years, they have grappled with an ample array of HVAC problems, including temperature fluctuations due to a defective thermostat. They are your go-to guys when you need an appropriate fix to your prevailing problems or helpful insights on proper thermostat maintenance. A thermostat can sometimes become too faulty to fix, requiring you to replace it. In that case, you can also turn to us and avail yourself of our thermostat installation services!

We want to let you know that technical fine-tuning does not always have to be a rough path as long as you hire the right guys to finish it for you! So, if you’re searching for a “thermostat repair near me,” you got us for the best Thermostat repair and other HVAC services!

3 Common Thermostat Problems that You Should Know About

We expect our HVAC system to remain consistent in maintaining our indoor comfort at all times. After all, it is our primary reason for installing it in our home. But if, even after adjusting the control, you still feel too cold or too hot, you are likely facing a thermostat problem.

It takes highly trained and experienced HVAC specialists to ensure safe handling and excellent results. So, if you are considering hiring the first one you find, we suggest you weed out any unlicensed technician immediately and avoid making matters worse for your HVAC system.

Here are three thermostat problems that many homeowners typically experience:

  • Aged Thermostat

Older thermostats frequently face failure. Thermostats are made to last for years, but eventually, they lose their effectiveness over time. They will have more issues and become more challenging to maintain due to declining sensitivity.

  • Improper Installation

Plenty of major issues can arise from poor thermostat wiring. It poses a significant threat to your HVAC unit, power source, and thermostat. The safest method to guarantee correct installation is to let a qualified HVAC specialist handle it.

  • Dirty Component

A thermostat may misbehave if it accumulates too much dirt or dust within. To apply an easy remedy, you must take off the cover and delicately use a small brush to wipe it clean. Do not forget to exercise extra caution to avoid damaging it in the process.

However, you might want to replace your thermostat altogether instead of fixing it. Let West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning be the ‘thermostat installation near me’ you call during those times!

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Faulty Thermostat?

A thermostat repair cost varies on the extent of the damage and the root cause of the malfunction. On average, the repair labor is expected to be around $80-$200, with more than $200 as the national average.

However, the cost can be influenced by factors such as the thermostat’s model and whether or not a warranty covers it. There are also some cases where the repair and replacement costs can amount to up to $500.

Again, thermostats nowadays have different models: smart, digital, WiFi, and manual. Consulting with West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning is the best way to determine the exact cost for a repair or replacement! Feel free to give us a call anytime for a direct quote! 

Why Choose West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning For Your Thermostat Repair?

West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning offer you the following benefits should you choose to trust us with your thermostat problems: 

  • 24/7 Reachability: Feel free to reach out to us once your HVAC thermostat starts causing problems! We have a 24/7 open client care desk to listen to your concerns readily and offer appropriate suggestions to solve them!
  • Premier Assistance: You will always be our utmost priority! When you decide to lean on us, we ensure to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations from start to end. Be one of our patrons now!
  • Certified Solutions: Every service we offer is industry-approved. Our technicians are professionals who have been trained and licensed to devise fitting solutions to eliminate your HVAC problems!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning once you notice problems with your HVAC thermostat! We offer a free quotation to help you identify the root cause and corresponding service charge. Call our team now to request a quote!

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