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Though HVAC systems are vital in our everyday lives, selecting the right HVAC service provider, out of all the air conditioning service companies, is a major benefit. West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning provide excellent air conditioning services that every neighborhood requires. But what exactly makes us quite a reliable repair service provider?

West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning has some very impressive HVAC services, like our reliable and efficient AC System disconnect installation work. Speaking of which, why don’t we go ahead and learn more about it today? Let’s learn what it does, how much it would possibly cost you, and why we are a great choice for this type of HVAC job!

What is AC Disconnect and How Does it Work?

The purpose of an AC (air conditioning) disconnect switch is not to turn your HVAC network on and off throughout regular operation. Rather, a certified technician should utilize it to turn off electricity to your equipment for repairs and maintenance work.

What an AC disconnect switch does is that it cuts off every electrical power running through the HVAC unit with a simple flip of a button. It may provide a handy solution to handle frequent repairs and expedite the maintenance procedure on your AC system.

Why Is There A Need To Have An AC Disconnect Switch?

Installing an AC Disconnect switch gives additional protection for you and the service technician providing you with outstanding air conditioning services. By all means, the AC disconnect switch is a great safety feature that lets the repairer know that all power has been disconnected from the AC system before they give you a wonderful service (be it repairs, maintenance, or installation).

Should your AC unit not yet include an AC disconnect button, you must get one! Your HVAC service provider might give an AC disconnect installation for you so that everybody in the household or building can have the maximum level of safety, along with future West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning technicians visiting you.

Oh, and customers should also know that we service surrounding neighborhoods, such as East WeHo La Brea, WeHo Eastside Plummer, WeHo Eastside-Romaine, WeHo Heights, WeHo MidCity-East Crescent, WeHo MidCity-North, WeHo North-Holloway Plaza, WeHo North-Santa Monica, WeHo-Pacific Design, WeHo Tri-West, and West Hollywood Wes. So if you’re from these areas, we look forward to working with you, too!

How Much Does It Cost To Install An AC Disconnect Switch?

Costs for installing an AC disconnect switch depend on the quality and features you select. The AC disconnect switch is ideally installed whenever your AC unit is set up, although one can be installed afterward. Installing an AC disconnect (often a switch or fuse box) can cut the supply of electricity to your AC device from the outside, enabling safe and excellent air conditioning services to occur.

What is the Price Range for Installing an AC Disconnect Box In Conjunction with a Brand New AC Device?

Should your technician install the AC disconnect switch for you while you are getting your new AC unit installed, the project will most likely be far less expensive. At that exact moment, your technician may connect the disconnect switch to the breaker box you have and confirm that the amperage and wiring are right. You might also spend extra if you hire emergency air conditioning services just for the installation of an AC disconnect switch.

How Much Would be the Cost of Getting an AC Disconnect Box Installed on a Presently Functioning AC Unit?

Installing an AC disconnect on your current AC unit depends on the distance your outdoor condenser device is from the circuit breaker on your home or building. The technician may need to connect more wiring, check the amperage, divide wires, or connect additional breakers to the breaker box.

In case your outdoor condenser unit is located far, far away from the electrical panel that you own, for example, it’s on the opposite side of the building or house, or if there is no cabling connecting the condenser unit to the panel, West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning can see that your expenditures will be significantly greater.

Why Should You Choose West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning For Your AC System Disconnect Installation?

It may be tough to select a good HVAC service provider. When selecting the best air conditioning services for your home or building, one should consider numerous variables before settling on a service provider. Please notify West Hollywood Heating and Air Conditioning if you wish to take advantage of our great HVAC services, such as:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • HVAC technicians who are certified to meet your requirements
  • Extensive HVAC knowledge and expertise
  • Completely approved and licensed HVAC services

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